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The Equitable Expert Mandate

The equitable expert mandate: exclusive advantages

The Arthurimmo.com equitable expert mandate is an exclusive mandate of sale whose originality is on the one hand, to ensure the distribution of the fees between buyer and seller while decreasing the load of the two parts and on the other hand leaves a great freedom to the salesman in the search of a purchaser by its own means.'

* Each member agency of the Arthurimmo.com network being an independent entity (legally and financially) is free to propose or not this type of mandate.

The main advantages of the Equitable Expert Mandate® are the following:

  • Reduced fees thanks to a fair distribution of 50% Buyer and 50% Seller
  • Possibility to introduce yourself a buyer to the agency Arthurimmo.com (In this case you do not pay the seller's fees)
  • The term of office is limited to 6 months instead of 12 months
  • A real estate expertise of your property is offered to you at the signature of the mandate
  • Your chartered real estate agent undertakes by contract to carry out all useful and necessary actions to accomplish his mission
  • You can revoke the exclusivity at any time in case of breaches

The Equitable Expert Mandate is a new type of Exclusive Mandate that perfectly meets the legitimate expectations of both sellers and buyers because 'at Arthurimmo.com a good transaction is when everyone is satisfied'.